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This service is designed to help you gain additional clarity through insights from your Higher Self when you are making big life decisions or simply looking for a deeper level of understanding.

This service Includes a quick intuitive check in on your question and a card pull per question. 

Please send proof of payment via Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) along with your questions. Your questions will be answered within 48 hours via Instagram Messages. 

Please understand that there are territories for questions that are out of bounds. Below are examples of the types of questions Lynn will not answer. Every submission is reviewed to ensure the questions are appropriate.


Please consult a medical doctor, psychologist or other licensed professional when you have questions relating to your physical, mental or emotional health, or well-being.

Sexual Abuse / Partner Cheating

Lynn does not answer questions such as, "Did my significant other cheat on me?" Or "Was I sexually abused as a child?" It is best to see a therapist or counselor when you are experiencing these types of difficulties.

The Future

We all have freewill and every choice we make alters our reality and future path. Due to this universal dynamic, questions about the future are subject to change.