Live Sale Policies

My Crystal Live is an exciting way to shop in real time, you get a first look at my new crystals, learn about healing properties of the crystals, and engage with me and the Crystallynn Community.


Join me on Instagram @Crystallynn.Co for my weekly Crystal Live Sales!

Date and times for crystal lives sales are subject to change at any time, please check my Instagram Page for updates.


How to Access the Live Sale

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone or tablet during my Live Sale hours, and navigate to my IG profile 
  • Tap on my profile pic and the Live Sale will open. 

 How to Participate

  • Items will be shown one at a time, unless otherwise specified. If you'd like to purchase the item, comment the claim word/and an emoji, example: "Claim $x" or "Mine $x" or “Sold $x” etc. You MUST include the price (and letter if applicable) in your claim, or it will not count. This will help to avoid confusion due to the 15-second delay on my end. 
  • The first claim on MY screen gets the item. Please note: I can only go with what I see first and am not responsible for attempted claims that are blocked by Instagram. The first claim on your screen may not be accurate as IG gives preference to your own account. Please do not claim items that have not been shown yet. 
  • IG occasionally glitches and may think you're a bot and thus hide or block your comment from me (the host) If your comments or claims are not coming through, participate actively in the conversation, and include emojis, full sentences, or type “UNBLOCK" as you claim can help rectify the situation. 
  • Claiming a crystal during the Live Sale is commitment to purchasing it. Please make sure you truly want it, and can afford it BEFORE claiming. I DO NOT ALLOW PUT BACKS or trading as it is unfair to us and the other participants of the sale who may have wanted that item but selected another instead. 

How to Pay for Your Crystals

  • I do not send invoices out. Please do not DM or email me your email address for invoicing purposes. I post all Live Sale invoices to my website here usually within 24 hours of the end of the live sale. 
  • To find your Live Sale listing(s), type your Instagram username into the search box. Add your listing to the shopping cart. Before you complete the checkout process you can add any items from the website to your cart at the same time. 
  • You can bundle any concurrent website orders with Live Sale orders please DM me and let me know if you are not able to get this option to work.  
  • Payment is due within 24hrs. Lack of payment, late payments, and lack of communication will result in being blocked and reported to a Black List shared by all other Crystal Live Sellers.  

Crystallynn’s Helpful Advice for the Live Sales

  • Instagram sometimes blocks comments during a Live if it thinks you are a bot. Participating in the conversation on the lives, adding emojis, use complete sentences with your claim if you think you’re being blocked.  
  • Screen capture/screen shot or write down your claims. 
  • To reduce lag, remember to close all other APPS on your phone when on my Crystal Live Sale. You may also experience lag if you have a weak internet connection.  Exiting and reopening the app can help.  Moving closer to your router can also help.
  • I pack my crystals with the love and care, but sometimes the Post Office can be rough. For this reason I offer Insurance at an additional cost that completely covers anything that might go wrong. Simply email me at to add this onto your order. 
  • Most importantly: Be respectful and have fun!  My Live Sales is a safe and fun place to connect, learn, and to share our love for crystals. Remember that crystals choose who they go home to and if it is meant to be then it is meant to be! 

Bundle Shipping/Open Box Program

To save money, save time, and cut down on packing materials used each week you have the option open to keep an open box after each live. You are also able to consolidate your box with a friend/family member if both parties send me a DM to confirm this for shipping to one address. 


  • DM if you would like to keep an open box otherwise your box will automatically ship. Please let me know within 24 hours otherwise your box will automatically ship. 
  • You may keep an Open Box for up to 2 Weeks.  
  • After each Live Sale your items must still be paid for within 24 hours. 
  • Any shipping overages will be refunded. 
  • If anyone violates the policies on this page and/or fails to pay for their items will result in a ban from ever shopping our live sales again.  


All packages are shipped from California with USPS. Worldwide shipping is available. If you are a first time client and based Internationally, please direct message me to let me know your country so I can accurately calculate shipping.


  • Orders $149 or less - $8
  • Orders $150 or more qualify for FREE SHIPPING

Your order will be shipped within 2-4 business days. If your invoice is paid late, your crystals will not ship until the following week, and I’ll be unable to combine shipping on your items.

If you create a concurrent website order in addition to your Live Sale order, I will combine the items in a single box and refund any shipping overages. 

Free Shipping

I am only able to offer FREE SHIPPING on all individual orders $150 or more.


  • I am not responsible for items damaged, broken, or delayed/lost/stolen due to the USPS. For additional insurance, you can add the Insurance option to your order by emailing me at
  • International clients are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I am not responsible for items damaged, broken, or delayed/lost/stolen due to customs.


All sales are final! No returns. All sales have been agreed upon before purchasing by both parties. I do not accept any kind of returns or exchanges for any items.