Set Special Intentions & Activations for your Crystal

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Pick one crystal from your order and submit any specific intentions you would like for Lynn to program and activate for your crystal, if you don't have any specific intentions Lynn can intuitively set specific intentions for you and include those intentions for you. The intentions will be programmed specifically just for you, do not share your crystal with anyone else unless you feel you are done working with the crystal as others energies can release the programming in the crystal.   

Lynn will set extra time to program and set intentions for your crystal, your crystal will be shipped the following week.  

I will contact you via email after payment is received to get the intentions from you. 

* These answers and intentions are not intended to replace your medical doctor, psychologist or other professional help. It may be helpful to see a practitioner to further bring balance to you (if you’re not seeing one) including (but not limited to) a psychologist, chiropractor, Chinese Medical Doctor, medical doctor (one who also practices functional medicine/preventative medicine is ideal), massage, energy work, Rolfing.