Lunar New Year Prosperity Abundance Bowls

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Prosperity Abundance Bowls include

Copper Bowl painted in Gold with Good Luck/Prosperity Symbols - THE ENERGY CONDUCTOR

Clear Quartz- the master healer and amplifier

Chrsoprase Tumbles-attracts prosperity, abundance, mental clarity, love and enhances your intuition

Brazilian Citrine, Kundalini Citrine, Congo Citrine- ultimate stones for confidence manifesting, abundance, success, achievement

Garnet- love, joy, prosperity

Moss Agate- growth, new beginnings, prosperity, draws in new business & expansion

Black Tourmaline- the most protective and grounding, protects you and your abundance

Pyrite - shield against negativity, abundance, success, prosperity 

Rutilated Ingot Mini - accelerates manifesting & transformation 

Vanadanite for taking action tp achieve goals getting rid of procrastination, 

Red Jasper Candy Carving- brings in sweetness of life generating the drive and motivation you need to get your financial life in order

One of a kind Lunar New Year Lucky red envelope designed by 0000 Studios

Gold Foil 100 Dollar Bill to bring in Gold & Money